Spotlight on the Deux Tours Marrakech team.

Article written on 12th May, 2021

Mr Nourdine Moaini, chef executif Hotel Les Deux Tours, Marrakech

Behind every hotel, there are men and women. Behind Les Deux Tours, there is a team that contributes with passion and sincerity to the excellence of the stay of our guests. Discover the portrait of our amazing team through our short interviews. They express their journey, their role within our home and THEIR Marrakech.

Our chief executive, Mr Nourdine Moaini, has the floor.


What is your role within the Deux Tours? Several hats of course … I lead a beautiful brigade made up of passionate men and women. To all of us, we offer classic and traditional cuisine, from here and elsewhere, that our guests appreciate for its authenticity. I am also in charge of all the management and control part, as well as the creation of the menus. In collaboration with the head gardener, I organize the sowing and planting of our vegetable garden. My daily life in the kitchens of Les Deux Tours begins with a small black coffee in the morning to the last plate served at the Salammbô in the evening. I am happy to do this job. Through my plates, it is my know-how that I try to share, because ultimately, cooking is just a story of sharing and love …

Since when ? I started off in the kitchens of Les Deux Tours on a certain Wednesday, October 14, 2015. More than five years already, I remember it as if it were yesterday!
Your favorite place at Les Deux Tours? The vegetable garden is where I get inspired and find my ideas. We are fortunate to have a natural vegetable garden without the use of chemicals. Everything grows naturally and our gardeners take care of it. We are proud to be able to serve our customers with seasonal fruits and vegetables picked by us. Aromatic herbs, citrus fruits, medlars, zucchini and eggplant,… There is even Thai pomelo…

Your favorite room at Les Deux Tours and why? The pool suite n ° 1. Sitting on the lounge chair, you can enjoy a lovely view of your private swimming pool, the adobe wall patio and the facade, in the distance from the sand-colored Yellow Lounge. It brings me back to the atmosphere of the terraces of the old medina.

Les Deux Tours in a nutshell: A paradise in the heart of a palm grove

How long have you been in Morocco? And why Marrakech? Always… (smile), Ana Marrakechi (I am Marrakechi)! I was born there and I studied hospitality there. I had the opportunity to work abroad, first in Thailand (2006) at Amanpuri, the first hotel of the Amane Resorts chain. Then in Turkey (2012) for the opening of the Amanruya Hotel. I had the pleasure of participating in the reopening of La Mamounia after the major renovation project. I also worked at Amanjena, before joining Les Deux Tours.

Let’s talk about your city… Marrakech

Your favorite neighborhood in Marrakech? Undoubtedly the Jemaa El Fna Square! It is the heart of Marrakech, the lung of the Marrakechis. We meet there, we eat there, we stroll there … We listen to funny and surprising stories, Berber songs … Like an open-air museum all the same classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Your favorite address (restaurant, café, etc.)? The Golf Club House “The Montgomerie Marrakech”. Perfect for lunch in the countryside with a breathtaking view of the course. I love eating their revisited burger there, accompanied by a fresh fruit smoothie.

A must to do in Marrakech? There is so much to see, so many must-see places… After that, I would put in number one, the Menara gardens and its enormous basin. I take this opportunity to feed the fish, they love dry bread … And me, it reminds me of all my childhood!

A getaway outside of RAK? Ouzoud and its impressive waterfalls! It’s not the next door but it’s worth the detour if you like the mountains, the great outdoors and beautiful walks. A great way for me to escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakech and the stress of the city.

Your favourite Moroccan celebrity? Mohamed Bajeddoub, my favorite singer and undoubtedly the Master of Arab-Andalusian singing. I listen to him for hours and travel through his music in Fez, Granada or Seville.


Mint tea or kahwa? Kahwa “Nouss Nouss” (= half coffee / half milk)

Tagine or couscous? Lamb tagine with quince flavored with cinnamon.

Craft or design? Craftsmanship with a touch of modernity.

Palace or museum? Both ! and Dar Si Saïd illustrates this perfectly. Museum of Moroccan craftsmanship and at the same time a superb palace.

Mountain or desert? Mountain of course, in order to recover after busy days and to BREATHE!

The last word: I love what I do and what I achieve. I do my best to leave a taste and gourmet trace in the memories our customers will keep of Les Deux Tours.

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